Barry Coulter – not one, but three books!

The man renowned for ‘getting things done’ in the Northern Territory – Barry Coulter – after many years has finally got around to writing his biography. However, it is not just one book but three.

The first book, representing his 27-year journey of discovery of his family history and learning about the father he never knew; the second covering his energetic political career from 1983 until 1999 which included serving as Deputy Chief Minister and Treasurer of the Northern Territory, the longest-serving Mines Minister and the longest-serving Racing and Gaming Minister. The third book covers life after politics and demonstrates what an ordinary person can accomplish with determination and passionate endeavours which included, in 25 years, taking Old Mount Bundey station from a derelict property to a significant horticultural enterprise, a live cattle depot and a mining service provider.

Barry was also involved with numerous development enterprises across northern Australia – the Northern Territory Gas Task Force, the Ord River development, chairman of Australia’s second-oldest airline, Airnorth for 14 years, chairman of the Defence Industry Study Course and a consultant with Santos in developing its offshore resources. He has also been a director of Northern Territory Airports, the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility and Thoroughbred Racing Northern Territory. Overall, Barry Coulter’s significant contributions have played a valuable part in progressing the Northern Territory to be a financially independent partner with the other states of Australia.

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