Book commemorating livestock transport pioneer Noel Buntine due soon!

After a long interval, the story of Noel Buntine and his rise to be the largest livestock carrier in Australia, is due for publication before the end of 2018.

When Noel Buntine first arrived in the Northern Territory in 1950, he was told he was not qualified to hold a responsible government position … but that didn’t stop him pioneering road transport of livestock in the Top End and the Kimberley, long before there were roads … and, with persistence and determination, went on to build a multi-million dollar trucking empire that traversed more than half of the continent, from Geraldton in Western Australia across to Queensland and New South Wales. The success of his business was based on trust, integrity and down-to-earth loyal drivers and support staff. 

Synonymous with cattlemen were horses, and Noel found a common interest which he came to love with a passion, leading him to breeding and owning several successful racehorses including three Darwin Cup winners and an entrant in a Melbourne Cup.

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