Book Launch and Concert at Ross River

Lorraine Day's latest book, Gidgee and Grit: a history of Loves Creek Station and Ross River Homestead, will be launched by Ted Egan on Sunday 14 April 2013.

Loves Creek Station, one of the earliest pastoral leases in Central Australia, once covered about 400,000 hectares.

At the time of first settlements the station boundries extended almost to the Alice Springs campsite near the waterhole of the same name. The title Gidgee and Grit is derived from the life-sustaining cattle feed, and the fortitude and determination of the early settlers to the inlanc.

One such man was Lewis Bloomfield, pioneer settler on Loves Creek Station. Gidgee and Grit traces the history of the region from its geological beginnings and Aboriginal culture to the early explorers like John McDouall Stuart, and construction of the Overland Telegraph line.

It encompasses the transition from horses and camels to motor vehicles and helicopters, from cattle breeding to tourism and, after 100 years of cattle grazing, eventually returning the land to its indigenous owners.

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