Gordon of Dingley Dell: 2nd edition out soon!

First published in 2003, this book is now being updated with additional material and photos to more thoroughly reflect the life of the renowned poet and horseman, trooper and politician, who spent 14 years of his short life in Australia, especially in the south-east of South Australia, Glenelg, the western district of Victoria, Ballarat and, finally, Brighton in Victoria, where he spent his final months.

First printed in 2003, Gordon of Dingley Dell, the story of Australia’s national poet, Adam Lindsay Gordon, has been extensively revised with addition of new material and photos. Gordon of Dingley Dell tells the remarkable story of a man who, despite numerous cruel blows dealt him throughout his life, retained his pride to the last. Adam Lindsay Gordon had a unique understanding of a horse, just as he was a unique poet. 

When he was astride a horse, the horse and rider became one. His daring feat of horsemanship when he defied death during the famous ‘Leap’ at Mount Gambier has never been equalled; his impact on Australian literature and horse-racing, in particular, steeplechasing, was unparalleled. A Member of the South Australian parliament in 1865, Adam Lindsay Gordon was regarded as both a fearless man of action and a dreamer, but it was not until after his death that he was taken seriously as a poet. 

The years he spent in the south-east of South Australia and in the western district of Victoria, are now remembered and relived at Dingley Dell Cottage and Museum, Port MacDonnell, the poet’s summer home for nearly two years from March 1864, and an important part of the colonial history of this country.

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