Take Power: Like this Old Man Here


This anthology takes us inside the Central Land Council to reveal the political battles, the legal manoeuvres and the extraordinary people involved in the fight for land rights in Central Australia.

We encounter the human side of powerful modern Aboriginal organisations at work and we learn the background and personalities of their Aboriginal leaders and staff. We see how, with considerable humour and passion, they continue to meet the challenges of the times.

Take Power is a resounding tribute: to the strength of traditional Aboriginal law and culture, and to the workers for land rights who have helped shape the social and political landscape of a nation.

ISBN: 978-1-86465-005-2

Edited by Alexis Wright for the Central Land Council

Ppaerback – 366 pages

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Take Power like this old man here is an anthology celebrating twenty years of land rights in Central Australia, 1977-1997.

Gough Whitlam pours a handful of soil into the open palm of Vincent Lingiari. After ten years of struggle, the Gurindji people have won title to their traditional lands.’

The following year the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (Northern Territory) 1976 is proclaimed anbd a new era of struggle begins.’