Gidgee and Grit: a history of Loves Creek Station and Ross River Homestead, Central Australia


Gidgee and Grit traces the history of the region from its geological beginnings and the Aboriginal culture to the early explorers like John McDouall Stuart, and construction of the Overland Telegraph line. It highlights the determination and fortitude of the early settlers who chose to eke out a living from this seemingly inhospitable terrain and were, without adequate communications, isolated for months and often years. It encompasses the transition from horses and camels to motor vehicles and helicopters, from cattle breeding to tourism and, after 100 years of cattle grazing, eventually returning the land to its indigenous owners.

Review by (Foreword) Barry Coulter, a former deputy chief minister and treasurer in the NT Government:
‘I have been asked to launch several books on the Northern Territory such as Hell West and Crooked for Tom Cole and Cowboy Heaven for Peter and Sheila Forrest to name two. But the amount of work that Lorraine has put into this book truly amazes me. It is well researched and her obvious love for this country comes through. With her avid interest in Australian history, a love of the outback, and concern for the environment presented with excitement, passion and pride as she takes us all through a journey with the keys she has discovered, unlocking many of the mysteries and histories of Central Australia with all its issues, hardships and rewards.’

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by Lorraine Day

350 pages Paperback